Nov 15, 2010


This is a small apology (well in some cases its a little bigger than small). I do it, and I do it often...(*thanks mom for sending me countless emails where I have mispelt "quiet" & "quite"*)

*S*P*E*L*L*I*N*G mistakes! You wouldn't say that I competed my undergraduate degree in Enlglish Literature, and am now an English teacher, would you :) Well i just want to say sorry If I've made anyone mad...I just get so excited when I blog (and I've never been very good at proof reading) ...I will try to be better at checking my spelling (*stupid spell checker faulty thingy!)

Thats all...


  1. You've got spelling mistakes on Apology and s*p*e*l*l*i*n*g... ;) Love the post though! BUT it shows us when you get really excited.

  2. thanks Mari :) now that Ive calmed down I was able to see my mistakes (*took me a while though*I guess I could just pretend I was adding to the gist of the post??!*)