Nov 15, 2010

Daejeon's Bike Rental System

Daejeon has recently introduced a really great bike sharing system whereby anyone can rent a bike (the rental places are situated by most Subway Stations) for a very small charge, and explore the city. Cool hey :)

The bikes are bright green, and are hooked up to very cool 'techno looking' bicycle stands. Just follow the info below to figure out how to use them!

The following awesome information is from socius, a really useful Dajeon website :) so thanks to Socius for the useful info!


The bicycles are free for the first hour, 500 won for each 30-minute segment in the first 3 hours and then the price jumps to 2,000 won per hour for ever 30 minutes after 3 hours. The examples given on the Ta-shu website indicate that for a trip of 100 minutes the charge would be 1,000 won (100-60 free minutes= 40 minutes, which is two 30-minute segments). Likewise, a trip of 200 minutes would cost 4,000 won. This is 200-60 free minutes = 140 minutes. The next two hours are charged at 500 won per 30 minutes, so that’s 500 x 4 =2,000, plus 20 remaining minutes at 2,000 per 30 minutes. 2,000 + 2,000 gives us the 4,000 won total.


You need a Hankkumi Transit card and must register it online with the City (*not entirely sure how to do this yet*) to start using the program. Only prepaid cards work at this time. You can also use your cell phone.

How to:

1. Find a Kiosk. You must have a registered Hankkumi Transit Card.

2. Press the "대여" (rent) button.

3. Bikes in green are available for rent.

4. Choose your payment method. Your choices are Hankkumi Transit Card and Cell Phone.

5. If paying by Hankkumi transit card, touch your card to the sensor. Wait for the beep.

6. (con't...) If paying by phone, select "phone payment." First, choose your phone service provider (SK, KT or LG). Enter your phone number and then your Alien Registration Number. Press on the grey "Receive Registration Confirmation Code" (인증번호 받기) button. When the code arrives on your phone, enter it in the bottom box and press OK (확인).

7. Go to the bike you selected.

8. Press the "Rent" button on the bicycle panel (대여). It will make a ting sound.

9. To remove the bike from the stand, wait for the "드르릉" sound. You can then remove it. Push the bike forward to remove it form the stand.

10. Ride safely!

Returning your Bike:

you can return the bike to any renting station! So you don't have to return to the same place where you rented it from :)

1. Connect your bike the docking station. Back the bike into the station. When you hear the "ting" sound your bike is successfully connected.

2. Check the bike. Push on the handlebars to ensure the connection is not loose. If you cannot remove the bike, it is secure and you are finished.

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