Our Apartments

No amount of google searching and forum scanning will ever give you a real depiction of the apartment you will be given when you get to this jungle of incredibly fast wireless internet. So I thought I might as well add to the variety by posting what our homes here have looked like.

Our First Couple Apartment:
This is the first apartment we were placed in a here in Buan. It was a 2 room (not to be mistaken with 2 bedroom) apartment. Click here to read more about it.

Farmboys first studio apartment in Daejeon:

The studio was divided into three sections by big sliding doors which allowed for alot of light and managed to trick me into feeling like I was not in a small space.
Very comfortable living space, with all the basics included (microwave, TV, bed, fridge, washing machine, aircon, desk, wardrobe).

CityGirl's first studio apartment in Daejeon:

I had what is called a “studio” apartment, which means essentially 2 rooms, one ‘living room’ and then another ‘room’ which houses the kitchen…and of course the bathroom, or ‘washroom’ as they call it here. All very compact, but very comfy! Here is a link to a video tour of the studio:  httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJ8Ta9-vqaM

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