Welcome to our blog! We are a South African couple living and teaching English in Buan, South Korea.

We first stepped foot on Korean soil on the 17th February 2010, after finishing our contracts we returned home to South Africa to get married. And now we are back again (this time to the tiny town of Buan, Jeonbuk Province) for more Asian adventures.

Farmboy is from a small town called Creighton, near the coastal city of Durban, and I'm from the bustling metropolitan city of Johannesburg.
We started this blog as a way for family and friends to follow our adventures Teaching English in South Korea...but it has turned into more of an 'information station' for anyone interested in living and teaching here, as well as for those who are already here :)

Both FarmBoy and myself had very little teaching experience before we arrived here the first time in 2010, so we  decided to do a 120 hour TEFL course which took 4 weeks to complete. In the end, the best way to prepare yourself for teaching in a foreign country is just to make sure you pack an open mind, and most importantly a great deal of *patience*.

We hope you enjoy our blog.

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