Nov 1, 2010

Moroccan in Daejeon

If you've had your fill of kimchi and kimbab, and are looking for something delicious but most of all *home cooked* ...then head to the area behind Chugnum University in Yuseoung (Gung-dong). This Moroccan restaurant is very plain and simple, but with a very lovely and welcoming couple, the food definitely makes up for the lack of decor.

If there are a few of you going, drop the lady an email ( or phone ahead (042 862 4594 or 010 8402 4594) to make a booking. They usually have a small menu but the last time we went they just had their lamb curry available and some delicious smelling kebabs.

Buses 115, 105 & 109 drop you off near the famous Santa Claus Pub, and from there, walk back from the bus stop a few steps and turn left up the busiest looking street (there is a Pharmacy on the corner) and then just walk straight for about 3 minutes and its on your left...*don't be scared off by the "basicness" of the place, just one bite of their fresh *limitless* naan bread and you'll be hooked!
*They only accept cash, so make sure to draw some before you get there. If you don't remember, there are loads of ATM's around the corner*

P.S They also stock lots of Halal foods and other yummy tasting ingredients for you to make your own curries and such :)

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