Jul 1, 2010

Exploring Gung-dong *Chugnam University area*

Jumping on a random bus and exploring Daejeon has been quiet a regular occurance for FarmBoy and myself lately...and the latest spot to be crawled was Gung-dong, which is the very student centred area surrounding Chugnam University, where Santa Claus and the Shisha House are found. Basically the area is jam-packed with restaurants, coffee shops, Nori Bangs (kareoke bars) and bars, as well as the usual knick knack shops.

Here are a few we stopped in to check out, and will definately be heading back to soon!


A fabulous board game coffee shop, where you pay a very small fee (W1 000) and choose from the endless supply of board/card games and play to your hearts content.

Aparantly these boardgame havens were realy popular about 6-8 years ago and used to occupy every corner! But now the craze has died down, and just a handful are left...such a pity.

Directions: The 115 and 109 bus stop right outside Santa Clau, but Bus # 48, 101, 104, 105, 106, 108, 109, 113, 114, 115, 119, 121, and 706 stop at the University Front (Western) Gates, from there you just take a stroll into the bustling streets to Gung-Dong...

Howl at the Moon

A fabulously funky bar with loads of character.
 I'm not sure whether its the uber friendly owner, or the fact that he has all kind of instruments for any customer to pick up and play top their hearts content, but this bar has definately found its way onto our 'must visit regularly' list...


Howl at the Moon is right accross the street from MECA, so either make your way to the Shisha House and walk up the road, or get to Chugnam University (directions above) and explore!

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  1. wow i did not know this place existed lol, do the games there are in English? looks fun ^^