Jun 24, 2010

Santa Claus Pub...

Nestled in the heart of Yuseoung, a short walk from Chugnam University lies Santa Claus ~ pub/bar/restaurant/pool lounge/chill spot.
It doesnt claim to be anything fancy, as it's not...but it's a great place to watch soccer games, have a beer, hang out and play pool with your friends.
The owner is really friendly, and they serve yummy Western food (a bit pricey~ W10 000 for my burger and tiny coke) but good nonetheless. They also have loads of Western alcoholic drinks, so you dont have to fork out for a whole bottle of vodka when u just want a double and coke :). There are 2 for 1 specials on most nights ~till 11pm for guys and till closing for girls.

Santa Claus is near Chugnam University,but is not that close a walk. So the best way to get there is to go by bus, bus# 105, 109, 115 all stop right outside Santa Claus, the stop is called Hanbit Apartment (it's announced in English). We actually walked all the way from Yuseoung Spa Subway station (it took us about 30 mins) so if you come by subway, get out at exit no#7 and then transfer to bus 105, 109 or 115, as it goes
straight past...its about a 5 min bus ride from there.

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