Nov 1, 2010

Learning Korean

If your living here, or even just thinking about coming over here, it makes life a whole lot easier if you can speak the language (even if its just to be able to say hello & thank you) which is called Hangul.

*Here is a link to a previous post we did on some useful phrases to help you get by*

The Korean Alphabet is super duper easy to learn, you can do it in one day...seriousness!!

Here is a  really great FREE website designed to help you learn Korean:

Talk to me in Korean

and here is their facebook page.

Also, the Daejeon International Community Center offers classes for Foreigners at a range of different times. I have just finished their evening classes and have found myself a friend of a friend to tutor me.

So check out their website for more information on their classes. They are held at the Community Center which in opposite the Daejeon Station, and cost about W5 000 for a 20 week course, and you will need to buy the textbook too (W14 000). All in all a very worthwhile course to do, and the Teachers are super nice :)

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