Mar 18, 2011

**GHD's** in Korea

So...we are both back safe and sound on South African soild, but I'm still feeling itchy to blog about stuff to help out those South Africans (and of course everyone else too!) living in Korea :)

Here is some info on GHD hair-straightners that I was researching just before we left..hope this helps any one trying to find info on it too!

In my opinion, GHD's are the bes thair- straighteners ever **although other people might disagree and say they just happen to have the best packaging and this ultimnately leads to everyone thinking they are the best** but enough with the digression! Click here for their official website and see for yourself *plus loads of free videos and tips for styling your hair!*

After some web surfing I came accorss some comments from other GHD fanatics. Apparantly the starightner goes by the name "B2Y" in South Korea. Umm, why? Who knows. But apparantly, the work as well if not better that the GHD, and at a price of +-W118 00 (R740) they are about half the price of GHD's in South Africa!

You can get your hands on one on gmarket *click here*. For more info on how to use Gmarket, *click here*.


Happy Shopping!


  1. Hey, Roxy! Here is the official website for B2Y straighteners. My friend bought one in 2008, and it's fantastic!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for that website Trishke :) xx

  3. Hey! How are you guys doing in S.A.? Have you tried Korean food since you been back. Some people tell me how incredibly different it is in their home country vs. here in Korea. Are you guys going to be teaching somewhere else?

  4. woh I like your blog posts, saved to fav! .

  5. Hey Kimberly :) We are loving being back in SA! I'm afraid to say we havent eaten Korean food at all since we have been back, but every time we drive past the Korean restaurant in our area we keep telling ourselves we will take our friends and family there! No plans as of yet to teach abroad, but I am planning on studying further to teach here in South africa :)

  6. I have applied to teach in korea with my fiance.we plan to live together.should we get married before leave? What is th weather like? Your website is inspiring!

  7. Hi there :) Thanks for the lovely words about our site! Ummm I would suggest you get married (if your planning on any time soon) before you go over there because then they will place you in the same apartment. It's very unlikely that they will put you in the same apartment (and therefore the same city) if you're not married. Then that guarantee's that you will both be placed in the same city and the same apartment :)
    The weather is extreme! It gets horrendously hot and terribly cold!! But spring and autumn is awesome!!

  8. I was searching for ghd straighteners and came across your website. Currently visiting my daughter in Gumi and I would like to buy her a flat iron for her birthday before I go back to South Africa next week.
    Do you perhaps know exactly where I can buy one? Is gmarket the best option?
    Must compliment your website.....very informative!! Hope you enjoy your stay in SA!!

    Kind regards


  9. Hi Riana :)

    Thank you for those kind words about out site, we have had such fun doing it! With regards to buying a straightener, I would definitely order it off gmarket. I think it would be the most reliable and hassle free way to go about getting one. They aren't under the name GHD in Korea but B2Y but I have heard from girls that they are the same thing, different packaging :) What a lovely gift! I'm sure she will love it! If you have any other questions feel free to email me at

    Have a lovely stay in Korea!

  10. I Am Going To have to come back again whenever my course load lets up - nevertheless I am getting your Feed so i can go through your web blog offline. Cheers.

  11. I bought my GHD over from New Zealand it seemed like it got fried here when I used it in South Korea. But thanks for this info. I bought a cheap one here and it's just not the same....definitely going to buy one of these! =)