Mar 4, 2011

A few **NB** sites...

Here are some sites that I wouldn't have been able to live without in South Korea:

Korail: booking train tickets to all over Korea, online using your debit card *you may need to use this site with Windows Explorer to ensure everything works properly. Just hover over "booking" and then click on "book online"...easy peasy!

Gmarket: online shopping at it's most fabulous!!!! You will never be bored deskwarming again! Click here for some help on making purchases. But be warned, it's addictive!

AdventureKorea: great site that organises trips to festivals and other cool things around Korea. A really great way to meet new friends and their prices aren't bad either! We visited the DMZ with them!

Magik Aroma: yummy South African style crunchies made to order and really lovely home made soaps by the wonderful Mila Meter! For those feeling like a little taste of home.

Waygook: HUGE FREE database storage site that has LOADS of lesson ideas, lesson plans, winter/summer camp ideas and other forums to chat about all sorts of stuff. All you need to do is create an account (it's for free yippee!) and you are a-for-away!

English speaking Church in Daejeon: need I say more. A great place to meet amazing people and where you will always feel welcome :)

*think that's it for now, any others you feel are just as important as those above please feel free to comment!*

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