Mar 18, 2011

**GHD's** in Korea

So...we are both back safe and sound on South African soild, but I'm still feeling itchy to blog about stuff to help out those South Africans (and of course everyone else too!) living in Korea :)

Here is some info on GHD hair-straightners that I was researching just before we left..hope this helps any one trying to find info on it too!

In my opinion, GHD's are the bes thair- straighteners ever **although other people might disagree and say they just happen to have the best packaging and this ultimnately leads to everyone thinking they are the best** but enough with the digression! Click here for their official website and see for yourself *plus loads of free videos and tips for styling your hair!*

After some web surfing I came accorss some comments from other GHD fanatics. Apparantly the starightner goes by the name "B2Y" in South Korea. Umm, why? Who knows. But apparantly, the work as well if not better that the GHD, and at a price of +-W118 00 (R740) they are about half the price of GHD's in South Africa!

You can get your hands on one on gmarket *click here*. For more info on how to use Gmarket, *click here*.

Happy Shopping!

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