Jan 28, 2011

Getting your **nails** done in Korea

Today marked a very special day for Citygirl here in Korea. It was "treat" day whereby Roxy and her awesome Texan buddy Christina,  headed off to get their nails done (something they swore to do every 2 weeks but have actually only done  so twice before).
Getting your nails done in Korea is really really cool, with loads of designs and colours to choose from and for only W15 000 a pop (about $15), it's not too bad :) Of course mine ended up being a little more,  owing to the fact that I just had to try the  "gradient" design  and I may have had a nail that needed fixing (they do this here too, super cool) ending up rounding off to W30 000. The cherry on the cake for me? Cashing in my "nail voucher" which Igot from Farmboy for my birthday...what an amazing boyfriend hey *:)*

We go to a great little nail bar at our local HomePlus supermarket, they seem to have them at every Lotte Mart & HomePlus...

Choosing the right colour can be a stressful process you see...

The "gradient" painting process :) *yes, it is a process involving layers and layers and sponges and sponges!*

But in the end...totally worth it!
So what are u waiting for! Go and treat yourself ~you deserve it!

"Hey Christina, how was my Texan rally girl impression??"


  1. Did you get acrylics!?? I wanna get my nails done too! I haven't had them done in years!!!

  2. Hey Jill :) No acrylic...just layers and layers and layers and layers of polish :) You have to get yours done! A friend of mine told me she gets hers done for W5 000 a pop! At that price who could resist getting the done everyday :)