Jan 29, 2011

*Skiing* in South Korea...Hyundai Sungwoo Resort


The majority of South Africans (*we may stand to be corrected on this one though*) have never been skiing, or set foot, in as much snow as here in South Korea. The first time i saw the snow falling from my classroom window about 2 months back, I remember being much more fascinated by it than the kids. Having even to take a 5 minute break from my lesson to go outside and play in it :)
And along with the snow, comes the snow sports!!! Yippee! I'm talking about the fun that is skiing, sledding and of course snowboarding! We can't talk for the snownboarding as we have yet to pluck up the courage to hit the slopes with a board, but as for the sledding and the skiing we can put a huge *TICK* next to those two.  And the bonus, skiing is so incredibly cheap here
There are loads of places to ski here in Korea, but so far we can just give you information on one place, and that is **SUNGWOO resort**, about an hour outside of the city of Wongju, just over 2 hours away from Daejeon by bus.Click here for the official touristy website!
If you are planning on getting to Sungwoo from Daejeon here is what to do:
  • Head to the Dongbu Bus Terminal (the following buses go there 2, 102, 105, 106, 201, 501, 601, 602, 607, 611, 616, 701, 802 ) and then buy a ticket for Wongju *W10 400 each*. The bus takes about 2 1/2 hours to get to the Wongju Bus Terminal.
  • From there, there is a free shuttle bus which will take you to Sungwoo Resort (about an hour journey). The bus stops opposite the Terminal and unfortunately the only time I know that it goes is 10 50 am.
  • If you miss this bus, there is a pay bus which goes to Sungwoo Resort from Wongju Bus Terminal and costs W5 100.
  • The price of ski/snowboard rental varies, but we were lucky to have friends with season passes which meant we got a huge dicount, only paying W15 000 to hire ski's and clothing. The usual price is between W30 000 & W40 000
A great place to rent stuff is **ROCKY SKI CLUB**, their email is jj3623@hanmail.net and phone number is 033 342 8768/ 070 8690 8768 but get a Korean friend to help you as they can only speak a little English. They are super friendly and super helpful, and may even hook you up with a discount ski lift & gondola pass meaning you will only pay W32 000 each for a session lasting about 4 hours.

The view of the resort from the top of the gondola

Getting our afternoon passes

Going up the ski lift for our first ski down the slopes

Only a short journery outside of Daejeon is Muju,  another Ski resort which a lot of our friends have been to, and which we are hoping to visit in the next few weeks so watch out for that! In the mean time, you can check out their website by clicking here.

If your here in Korea then get you bums out to a resort ANYWHERE and get on that snow! It's soooooo awesome!

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