Nov 8, 2010

Puppy love...having a pet in South Korea

So I've been doing some thinking...this happens from time to time when I run out of things to write on the blog, or when i have the odd bit of free time :)

And I can't keep lying to myself...I am desperate for a puppy! To all my friends, this is ridiculious.

"What will you do when you go away?"

"What happens to it when your at school all day?"

"How will you take it back home when you leave?"

"Haha! What?!"

have been some of the most common questions. I know, its completely impractical, and yet, I still cannot get the idea out of my head. I have even gone so far as to find out all the info for taking the puppy home (whenever that may be) and its not cheap! I can't believe the price..and the quarantine would break my heart.

So then I thought about one of these:

There is a man here in Old  Downtown who has this really  mean game where you pay  W500 and then pick a piece  of flapping card. If your  chosen piece of card  corresponds to his little  "key" you win a bunny! Well  needless to say, Ive spent a  fortune there and still no  bunny. But I will keep  trying!  I think I'm slowly  starting to realize its not to be, especially after a great deal of W500 coins has passed into his hands.

My friend Claire suggested  make a donation to this really great Animal Adoption Site called Animal Rescue Korea which has loads of animals which need homes. This is probably the most practical thing to do, but its not the same! Alas...they also have a really great Facebook group and they organize weekly trips to the Animal Shelters around Seoul. People often head there from Daejeon, Busan and other major cities. If your interested pop onto their site/Facebook group and let the organizers know. They could always use a few extra pairs of hands to play with the many dogs and cats. They are also always in need of people to foster animals until they get adopted...hmmm another idea! But I probably wouldn't be able to give it back!

*For  info on taking your pet back home to South Africa from Korea click here.*

But, i guess in the meantime, I will just have to be content with pictures :)

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