Nov 9, 2010

South Africans Renewing their Contracts

Hey fellow Saffa’s!
As staying in Korea is definitely on the cards for us, as is staying with our current schools (although we are checking out ALL our options using Daves ESL cafe) we have therefore been in contact with the wonderful Noma from Docs4Expats.
Noma is a real lifesaver for those of us here in South Korea who need to get documents from South Africa, as well as for those in South Arica who need help in getting everything together. Basically, she can get your police clearance sorted out as well as any other ‘apostling’ (not sure if this is even a word but I am referring to things like your degree which need to be apostilled).
So…here is the low down on what you will need to stay in Korea for another year (I think its the same whether of not your in the Public School System)
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Apostilled degree copy
  • possibly transcripts
To get your Police clearance certificate (they only last 6 months…bizarre because if you’ve been in Korea for the past year you most certainly HAVE NOT committed any felonies back home in South Africa), you need to get some fingerprints taken at your local police station here in Korea. make sure you go to a big station, as the smaller stations (believe me I tried) have no idea what it is that you need and will send you away empty handed. Drop Noma an email and she will send you the form. Its written in both Korean and English so the Police Station will be able to understand what is it that you need.
So these are the things you will need to send Noma:
  • Finger prints
  • copy of IDs
  • Certified degree copies/ originals
Docs4Expats has a Facebook group where you can post any questions you may have.
Noma’s email address is
Well I hope that helps some of you with some of the questions you may have!

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