Nov 8, 2010

Kyochon Friendship Hike...

Last Friday school ended at 2 o'clock for that the Teachers could all get ready for the the monthly Friendship Trip. This time, we were off for a hike around Bingyesan (빈계산) which is part of the Gyeryong Mountain area..

Luckily it was a beautiful day and it wasn't too cold! 

The hike itself was noly about 2 hours, and all through gorgeous trees. If your looking for other areas to hike, why not head up Gyeryong itself?? Once we got back to the bottom we headed off for a yummy dinner of favorite.

These Friendship Trips will most definately happen at your school here in Korea. And seeing as most Koreans love to hike, that is most probably what you will do. Each month we pay a memebership fee of around W22 000, and this is what goes towards paying for these kid on outings (oh as well as going towards any leaving presents/snacks in the office/dinners etc)


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