Nov 2, 2010

*Cafe Bene*, Gwangeodong, Daejeon

Korea is home to some of the best coffee shops in the world...and thats not an over statement. Every corner is filled with either big chain coffee stores like Angel-In-Us, Holly's Coffee and Starbucks, or smaller, unique coffee corners like Holy CrossGom Espresso. Whether your looking for the ideal cup of coffee/hot chocolate/cafe late or you're just looking for a quiet corner to read a book or search the net, the coffee places here are fabulous.

Cafe Bene is another one of those chain stores and has just opened up here in Farmboy's "dong" (dong refers to the neighborhoods that each city/town in divided up into here in South Korea...Farmboy stays in Gwanjeo-dong).

Have a little squizz for yourself :)

All (*most) of them have free wi-fi, and if they don't they have computers for the customers to use freely...hence the Mac above!

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