Oct 14, 2010

Video & Pic’s: Hakha Elementary School

Ive done a few post with pictures (click here) and a video (click here) about one of my schools, Kyochon Elementary...thought it was about time I showed you all what my country school (Hakha Elementary) is like...

Hakha is a very small school, with:

Grade 1: 7 students

Grade 2: 4 students

Grade 3: 4 students

Grade 4: 9 students

Grade 5: 8 students

Grade 6: 4 students

So its a complete change from teaching at Kyochon, where I have anything from 22-36 students in a class :)

But enough about that, here are some pics of my kiddies :)

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Even though the kids can be a real handful (especially Grade 5) they still know how to make me smile :)
What are ur schools like? Do you teach at 1 school/2 schools...public/hagwon? We would love to hear from u!

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