Oct 14, 2010

English Worship Services in Daejeon

We recently found out about Onnuri Church (with English Worship Services!), which is located 10 mins from City Hall Subway Station, and 5 minutes from Time World Galleria.

With a wonderfully friendly and smiley pastor, and an amazing group of both foreigners and Koreans, if your looking for a warm and welcoming Church, then come to Onnuri (wow I sound a little like a sales person hehe).

Here is a link to their website and Facebook group (they are so jacked up with technology!)
Daejeon Onnuri English Church Facebook Group
Daejeon Onnuri English Worship Website

English Worship~ 2 pm every Sunday

Vision Hall, Onnuri Church, 4th Fl
Good Morining Building (Near Gallaria TimeWorld/City Hall)
Subway: City Hall St. Ext. 2, Bus: 104, 106, 703, 911, 316, 617 and many others that pass Dunsan area.

Its a really great worship service...if your feeling a little intimidated to come along by yourself, drop us an email and we'll be happy to meet up with you before :)

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