May 28, 2010

My English Room~Kyochon Elementary

So today a whole bunch of teachers & other VIP's are coming to have a little squizz at my English Classroom. I have become used to random important looking people strolling in during my lessons, snapping away with their camera's and my Principle grinning like a cheshire cat. Aparantly we have one of the best English rooms in Daejeon, im not so sure about that...but it's a nice thought :)

I thought I would post a few pics of it so everyone could get a chance to see what all the hype is about (i see no reason for getting too excited) but I must admit is is awesome! The reason I feel I am able to boast about this particular classroom is becasue on a monday & tuesday, I teach at another school, a country school (Hakha Elementary). Now Hakha, being a country, or rural school, is very basic. Whereas here at Kyochon all the kids come to me for their English classes (all +300 of them), ay Hakha I go to them, (all 20 of them). So you can see what Im getting at. Here I have all the perks, like my own little "Native Teachers Room" which doubles as the 3D interactive portal, I can customize the class and move the desks & chairs around however I (we~me and my co-teacher) feel like.

At Hakha, at the beginnning of every class, I am stepping into their this obviously has its disadvantages for me. The kids are a lot harder to control and of course as LOT harder to motivate, and because its their space, they go a little crazy!

But here at Kyochon I almost have the other extreme, my older classes (6th grade) are very reserved, and the atmosphere can feel a bit sterile. To combat this I have tried putting things up around the classroom to make it look a bit more inviting, but alas, my principle instructed my co-teacher & I to remove them because she thought they "didnt match the rest of the room"~ but thats exactly the point! Anyways,  I have to rely on my skills as a super Native teacher to get the kids iexcited about their English learning :)

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