Oct 7, 2010

Delicious Burgers for lunch/dinner!

We've done a post on Play Burger before, but they are so good, they deserve another one!

Click here for more info and directions.

And this time here is the menu so you can decide before you go...


  1. Hey, guys! I love the blog and keep up the great work! I just wanted to let you know that PlayBurger is closed on Mondays for their 'day off', at least that's what the sign on the door said on October 11. I was really bummed because I rode my bike all the way out there from O-Jung Dong...so sad...I'll have to go sometime soon, though!

  2. Ah man...sorry Rob! I didn't even see that sign...guess thats a very NB thing to leave out :)

    Trust us though, its worth cycling all that way out there *AGAIN* for their bacon and cheese burger!