Oct 5, 2010

*Book Swop*

I love reading Science Fiction. I love reading Thrillers. I love reading Drama's. I love reading Romance. In essence, I love to read :)
Being here in a foreign country has left me craving more and more books, that I am devouring at a rapid rate, so Farmboy suggested a really cool thing to start; a Book Swop!

So for those of you out there who would like to read/borrow/swop some of my books with some of your own, please write a comment here on this post, or email me at farmboyandcitygirl@gmail.com.

We could meet once month at a nice coffee shop to catch up/swop/borrow books, and the best part, its absolutely free! Well apart from the nice, warm cup of coffee that is :) 
If any one is interested, please get in contact with me as soon as you can...

At the moment I have the following books:
(but I am always acquiring books from What the Book?)

(2 of the Millennium Trilogy by  Stieg Larsson...unfortunately I had to leave the third one in Cambodia because it was too heavy to carry!)
At the moment I am also borrowing some books from the Daejeon International Community Centre's library, which has quiet a good selection too!


  1. I am interested...however, I currently have a whopping One or Two books available to swap...

    Let me know when you decide to get together:
    melissa.renae.2911 at gmail.com

  2. Hi Melissa! Thats ok, 1 (or 2) books are better than none :) what do you have?

  3. Roxy! This is such a great idea, I would totally be interested in this :)

    I have a bunch of jane austen (Emma, Mansfield Park, Persuasion), ken follet(World without End) and anita shreve (The Weight of Water, Light on Snow), and a couple other random books/authors.

  4. I have Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan. And one written by an amateur writer -- the tales of pioneering in North Dakota...maybe not the most interesting unless your family history is similar as mine is :)

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