Jul 7, 2010


There are no shortages of hairdressers here in Korea, as they can be found on every corner :) But where the problem comes in is trying to find a hairdresser that cuts 'Western' hair (Im not sure if there is even such a thing as 'western'hair...but i guess all Korean's have straight hair, and Westerner have every type of frizzy/curly/wavy/straightish with a kink/a bit of this and a bit of that) so I guess it does make a difference.

The best thing about hairdressers here has got to be the price!

Farmboy had his hair cut and styled (that is gelled and 'textured') at a local hairdresser for W9000 (thats about R60).

I went to a fabulous salon called Leechard Pro Hair,  which is opposite Rodio Town.

I  had my hair washed, massaged, cut, a treatment done, blowdried and curled..as well as having a mainicure done with all sorts of nail art crystals....for the magical price of W12 000 (thats about R90 for those South Africans reading this).! *I am really sorry if you don't get your nails done, it's not included in the price and is just a little extra surprise you might get when going there*

The lady who did my hair is called Christy and lived in the States for about 20 years, so has a lot experience with all kinds of hair types.

The salon itself was gorgeous, with gold chandeliers, and black satin drapes all over the show, as I arrived a very friendly staff memeber arrived to give me a complaimentary beverage (from a wide selection), took my bag and umbrella and locked it away in a gold locker, then led me to Christy's cubicle...it was all very professional and I felt like a real star!

To get to Leechard Pro, the easiest way is by subway, get off at Tanbang Station (exit no# 4) and then head to Rodio Town...straight out subway exit 4 about a 2 min walk, turn right, 200m infront of you is the Salon (the name is in Korean "리차드 ProHair"). The Salon is opposite Rodio Town itself, on the second floor above a coffee shop called 'The Coffee Bean".

There is another Hairdresser called Kuna, which is near City Hall Subway Station. I have heard good reviews from there, and the lady  speaks English and specialises in so-called 'Western Hair'.

***KUNA hair is no longer running in TimeWorld. The lady who cuts hair is now renting a chair at another salon. To get in touch with her to book an appointment, click on the link for their facebook page!***

Here is a link to her facebook group (click here) where you can make reservations online


  1. Rox - pleeeeeeese book me an appointment at the Hairdresser........

  2. The lady who moved from KUNA is no longer cutting hair anywhere from what her facebook page says :( any other hairdressers that can do western hair??! thanks :) love your blog :)

  3. Hi Joanne :) have you treid Leechard Pro? check out their info here http://farmboyandcitygirl.com/2010/10/friday-afternoon-treat/