Jul 9, 2010

Early morning bike rides...

05:30 came earlier than usual this morning, maybe that was because I was jolted out of bed by my very irritating ring tone..."Umm...hhgggeeelo?"..."Babe, Im on my way. Be there in 5."

Ah man! I had completely forgotten about FarmBoy and my plans to go for an early morning cycle around my neighbourhood. I stumbled out of bed, managed to grab the first piece of clothing in my cupboard, brush my teeth and shake the sleep out of my eyes, all in time to hear the beeping of my door as Farmboy entered in the pin. And off we went!

Today was the first morning that has been cool, the perfect temperature for a little exploration. After a minor disagreement as to where to cross the road, we were off and away...off the beaten track, dodging old men waving pesticide sprays, and agima's (the name given to 'older married women' or rather the name given to the little old ladies who push and shove you when you happen to be in their way) pushing their prams while collecting all sorts of hidden treasures along the roads.

It was so quiet and peacefull, we even managed to catch sight of a lesser spotted night butterfly :0 One of the very few signs of life we've seen so far in Korea.
All in all a great way to work up an appeptite for the yummy choco-crumpets FarmBoy has become so good at making...

I ordered both of our bikes off Gmarket for a very reasonable price (in fact incredibly cheap for South African standards), and we have gotten such great use out of them already...and we've only had them for a few weeks. Farmboy has already saved about W50 000  (about R350) on bus rides, plus we get to exercise, while seeing different parts of town. What more could you ask for.

If your interested in getting a bike here, you can easily pick them up second hand at the millions of bike shops around, but asking around it seems that its cheaper to buy a new one off Gmarket (click here for the link). Both bikes were delivered within 2 days to my school, easy peasy!

Now we just have to go on a cycling trip...Im thinking Jeju Island :)

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