Jul 7, 2010


There are no shortages of hairdressers here in Korea, as they can be found on every corner :) But where the problem comes in is trying to find a hairdresser that cuts 'Western' hair (Im not sure if there is even such a thing as 'western'hair...but i guess all Korean's have straight hair, and Westerner have every type of frizzy/curly/wavy/straightish with a kink/a bit of this and a bit of that) so I guess it does make a difference.

The best thing about hairdressers here has got to be the price!

Farmboy had his hair cut and styled (that is gelled and 'textured') at a local hairdresser for W9000 (thats about R60).

I went to a fabulous salon called Leechard Pro Hair,  which is opposite Rodio Town.

 I  had my hair washed, massaged, cut, a treatment done, blowdried and curled..as well as having a mainicure done with all sorts of nail art crystals....for the magical price of W12 000 (thats about R90 for those South Africans reading this).!
The lady who did my hair is called Christy and lived in the States for about 20 years, so has a lot experience with all kinds of hair types.

The salon itself was gorgeous, with gold chandeliers, and black satin drapes all over the show, as I arrived a very friendly staff memeber arrived to give me a complaimentary beverage (from a wide selection), took my bag and umbrella and locked it away in a gold locker, then led me to Christy's cubicle...it was all very professional and I felt like a real star!

To get to Leechard Pro, the easiest way is by subway, get off at Tanbang Station (exit no# 4) and then head to Rodio Town...straight out subway exit 4 about a 2 min walk, turn right, 200m infront of you is the Salon (the name is in Korean "리차드 ProHair"). The Salon is opposite Rodio Town itself, on the second floor above a coffee shop called 'The Coffee Bean".

There is another Hairdresser called Kuna, which is near City Hall Subway Station. I have heard good reviews from there, and the lady who owns the Salon (Kuna) speaks English and specialises in so-called 'Western Hair'.
Here is a link to her facebook group (click here) where you can make reservations online, or just give the salon a call :)

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  1. Rox - pleeeeeeese book me an appointment at the Hairdresser........