Jun 28, 2010

The Shisha House...

So our wonderings round Gungdong (the area surrounding Chugnam University) took us right onto the doorstep of The Shisha House, a very funky hubbly/hooka/shisha bar owned by the friendly Frenchman, Frederic...

Prices for hubbly range from W7 000 ~ W10 000, and they have a VAST selection of beers.
When they say that some of their flavours are *strong*, be warned...they mean *STRONG*. Farmboy and I tried the watermelon, and, well let's just say if ur looking for more of kick, this is the one to try. They also have milder flavours like peach * melon.

From Santa Claus its just a 1 min walk up the street. Here are directions from Fred :)

My bar is located in Kungdong, Yuseong-gu, near "santa Claus". The closest subway is the Yuseong Spa. Then you walk toward Chungnam university. You past the language center on your right, go through the parking lot. turn right from the university side gate then the first left. then go strait, til the end of the street. However I recommend you to take the cab from the subway station and ask for Kungdong Teigeuk ankyongwon (궁동 태극안경원)
The one side of the entrance is 'bricked up' so could be hard to spot at night, so just keep your eye open for the blue sign on the side of the building :)

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