Jun 25, 2010

Subway Maps & Transport Cards

If your already here in Daejeon, I'm sure you know your way around the subway like the back of your own hand, but for those who are thinking of heading over here, or any one who wants to check them all out, here are the subway maps for Daejeon, Seoul and Busan :) all in one convenient place...
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 Above is Daejeon's subway line. There is only one line, and is therefore very easy to use!

Seoul Subway: click here for the link to enlarge the above image

Below is Busan's Subway Lines: click here to enlarge the image
Within each city, you will need to purchase a different transport card (or cell phone charm~which works in the same way as the card but hangs on your cellphone).

Daejeon: Hankumi Card & Cell Phone charm (below)

Seoul: T-Money Card

Busan: 1-Day travel passes for W3 000 (valid for the whole day~this works out as the cheapest option for
traveling if you plan on being there for longer than and hour)

All of the above travel cards can be recharded at every Subway Station (either by machines or tellers), or GS 25 (convenience store).