Jan 10, 2011

*Harry Potter* Winter Camp: Day 1

Today marked the start of one of my school's Winter Camp. Weeks of planning and preparation led us to today and I'm relieved to say it went really well.

Apart from the fact that only 24 of the 40 Students registered students showed up, it went down without too many hitches. Our theme for the camp (along with just about every other Public School in Daejeon, maybe even in South Korea) is Harry Potter. Thanks so much to waygook.org for the fabulous ideas and basic materials for this super cool theme.

Here are some pictures from the first day. When my camp is finished I will be posting all my materials and lesson plans here on the site under the Life in South Korea menu tab at the top of our site :) So keep checking back for more ideas!

*To the rest of the English Teachers here still doing School/Hermes Camps, good luck! Enjoy these days of finishing at 12!*

The school banner that gets hauled out every camp :)

Snacks for the camp and lessons (yay for teaching Potions!)

The kid's getting settled into their groups

Our 6 groups; "G-G", "Hero", "Red Cat","Sky Blue", "Boys" & "Apple"...original?

Owl Post: At the end of each day the kids write down what they liked about the camp and why.

Name tags...

Workbooks for the students

So one day down, 4 more days to go :)

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