Dec 6, 2010

Korean Style *Wedding* with pictures!

*We have done a post on Traditional Weddings here in Korea a couple of months ago (click here), but now we have pictures!*

This weekend Farmboy and I were invited to another of my co-workers weddings here in Daejeon. This time, the whole procedure was longer (not by much though, we were in and out and fed in 90 minutes!). Of course, having paid for our lunch, I mean, given our *cash* gift in exchange for  lunch tickets, had an obligatory picture with the bride along with each and every single other person in wedding party, we then took part in the extremely fast ceremony, all with the onlookers of the proceeding bridal party waiting in the wings to take their positions!

But as *different* as it was to the wedding we are used to back home, it was  really beautiful to see. Here are some pictures:

The Bride, Miran, looking gorgeous, while posing with Farmboy and myself

Traditional Korean Style Buffet: a lot of  "I'm not quiet sure what this is but it tastes good" kind of food.

The Wedding Room

The parents of the Bride and Groom in their Traditional wear

Family Photo!

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