Dec 3, 2010

*Eat Me* Italian Restaurant near TimeWorld, Daejeon.

EatMe is a really awesome Italian restaurant in the TimeWorld area in Daejeon. Just a 3 minute walk from Time World Galleria Depertment store, and with prices ranging from W8 000 - W13 000 for yummy pizza's and tatsy pasta' can't go wrong! Anway, see for yourself:


With the main entrance to TimeWorld behind you, walk right towards the Paris Baguette. Take your first left up a dirty road,    with the Western "Sponge Bar" in front of you. Walk for about 2 minutes and EatMe is on your right. Look for a small, round,    black sign with "EatMe" written on it on the second floor on your right. The entrance is just round the corner, on your right by   a jewelry and accessory store :) Its in the 2nd floor.

The following buses go to TimeWord:

#104, 106,116, 211, 216, 301, 315, 318, 604, 605, 706, 911.

Or get off at City Hall Subway stop, exit 2 and walk straight for about 10 minutes.


  1. Tried this place out tonight after seeing your post a couple weeks ago and it was great. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. So glad u enjoyed it! For a little while I practically lived there :) Their 3 cheeses (or something along those lines) pizza is divine :)