Dec 14, 2010

Freezing *Inside* doubt about it, its Winter in Korea. This morning we had our first few snow flakes here in Daejeon, and with the sun gently poking through the clouds it was so beautiful. That sure brightened my mood...well that might have been the fact that my school *f*i*n*a*l*l*y decided to put the heat on in our classroom. Doesn't sound like much but TRUST me when I say it has been unbearable in here for the past month or so. I come to school wearing at least 4 layers, thick socks and stockings, a warm scarf and fluffy gloves. I don't take anything off the whole day! and I still feel like an ice-block by the end of the day...and when I leave school, its usually really pleasant outside, so what is going on with my school?!
Well, I know my Principle is super stingy, and doesn't feel the cold (*weird!*) or the heat. So we freeze in Winter and overheat in Summer as the aircon is never turned on.

I came across a rather interesting bit of useless information from "Ask the Expat" regarding another strange thing about my fellow Korean co-workers in Winter. They also like to open all the windows, regardless of the temperature outside...nuts i tell here for a very interesting discussion about this strange phenomenon.

Anyway, the heater has been turned on and for once, I have taken my jacket & gloves off and am feeling rather nice and toasty, enjoying watching the snow gently fall outside. Lifes good :)

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