Dec 1, 2010

A day in Daegu

This weekend we headed to Daegu to go and pick up a new lens for Farmboys Nikon camera. Someone was sellin their Nikon 200mm zoom lens for only W100 000! (thats about R600 or $100). The lens was a gift from the guys dad, and he hardly ever used it, so it was in great nic! For other great deals on every kind of item you can imagine, check out Daves ESL.

Daegu is only a 2 hour train ride from Daejeon (on the slow Mugunghwa train… click here for the KORAIL website to book your train tickets online). There is loads to see and do in Daegu, but once we arrived there we got sucked into the shopping ( we counted at least 5 seperate shopping malls! Not to mention the hundreds of other shops everywhere) and spent the whole day wondering around the busy streets and drinking coffee in cute cafe’s.

The shopping is all located downtown. To get there from the Train Station, go out exit 1 (which is right by the big Lotte Department Store) and then just walk straight (cross under the road) for about 10 minutes. You’ll end up right in the center of Downtown.

Primall is the name of the underground shopping where there are loads of great deals on Electronics…as well as the usual boutiques…

While we were walking around this really cool street performance started up right in front if us…it was bizarre but totally awesome.

The most delicious waffles ever. The coffee and waffle house is just opposite Bennigans and Burger King…
The cute little boy was chasing the bubbles he was blowing with his bubble gun…
If you have more time, then check out:
Mt. Palgong
“The mountain between North Gyeongsang Province and Daegu stands 1,193 meters high. It is as a famous mountain in Daegu and sits about 20 kilometers north from the center of the city. During the Shilla Dynasty, it was called “Bu-ak,” “Joong–ak,” and “Gong-san.” During the Goryo Dynasty, it was referred to as “Gong-san.” But in the Joseon Dynasty, the mountain came to be called by its current name “Palgong-san.” The area is the center of Buddhist culture in Korea and harbors many temples surrounded by its scenic rocks and streams. Azaleas bloom in the spring, while the luxuriant forests and clear fresh streams bring delight in the summer. Majestic golden-toned leaves dot the landscape and decorate the 16.3-kilometer roadway during the fall. In the winter, the snowy landscape is a must-see” Colourful Daegu.

There’s a big stone Buddah called Gat-bah-wi, and it’s said that he can make one of your wishes come true. You only get one so make it count!

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