Dec 3, 2010


For the past month, Farmboy and I have been waiting to hear about a job that we had applied for at a Private English immersion School here in Daejeon.

We waited ages for an interview, which went well, and then waited ages for the result.

We found out today that we didn't get the job :( very sad faces.

We have had to make some difficult choices over the past few weeks:

1) Stay with our current schools and EPIK

2) Move to Private English Immersion School

3) Go back home to South Africa for 6 months and come back to Korea in the second intake in August

4) Go home and study more/find a job/teach somewhere else exciting

Up until yesterday, we had decided that if we didn't get the Private School job, we would go home to South Africa with the intention of coming back in August. Now this is a reality,  suddenly I don't feel so sure. You see, there are also reasons why I don't really want to stay with my current schools. For starters, the work has become mind~numbing. I mean, to be perfectly honest, Teaching English here at the Elementary level is easy, and most of the time rewarding. You get paid realty well, you have the opportunity to travel to all sorts of interesting places in is good. But the biggest part of it for me is that the work is not intellectually stimulating enough for me. Its different for my friends teaching at Middle Schools...they have to plan all of their own lessons (which has its pro's and cons'...its a lot more work but you decide what to teach). With elementary, we teach full stop for full stop from the textbook, with the added bonus of an exciting or fun activity thrown in every few days or so. But apart from that, its a bit *blaahh*

I really don't want to ruin the experience for anyone else out there planning on coming over here, its a fabulous opportunity and I would recoomend it to ANYONE with the slightst inclination towards children or teaching...but for me...I want more....

Which is what the Private job was going to provide. But things didnt work out there, so that now leaves a host of diferent choices and doors open to us. Scary? Hell yes! But exciting at the same time.

And sad too. Sad because I've loved mt time in Korea, so much so that I write this blog and publish tons of info on places people probably don't even care to know about...but I love doing it. So the thought of this blog coming to an end makes me really sad. But I know that it will still provide a good reference for people wanting to come here and for those already here.

SOOOOO...what does this mean??? I'm not really sure, I guess it means that we will trust that God has bigger plans for us. So in the mean time, we will continue to enjoy the next 3 months that we have left in Korea, look forward to our AWESOME trip to the Phillipines with Farmboy's brother, John, and sister-in-law Nats and wait and see what the next few months have in store for us...yay!

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