Nov 3, 2010

This i how I feel...

Its cold here, or rather its FREEZING here. Im sitting at my desk, with a steaming cup of disgusting black liquid (which I refuse to call coffee due to the fact that it came in a tiny plastic sachet)  trying to warm my hands up. Whihc is impossible because as soon as I warm up the one under my new soft anf fluffy leopard print blankie, the other one develops frost bite from having to type out in the cold that is my classroom. Its ridiculous. In Summer we melted into little pools of sweat because the Principle refused to put the aircon on in our classroom, and now I'm afraid I won't make it to see another day...

This picture adequatley describes how Im feeling right now.

Plus Im super home sick right now, possibly due to the fact that I stumbled across this...

and now i really feel like my moms delicious pork bangers and mash. In fact, i just feel like being at home, sitting outside on the pation, with a warm cup of rooibos in hand,      listening to my dog, the pretty black poodle Xena, chase hadida's (picture on the right) around the garden.

But I have found the perfect thing to make me feel better....*GMARKET* I have just ordered myself a wonderul new coat, some stunning jersey's and an array of other winter goodies...yay!

When the going get's tough, the tough go shopping! Il be nearly as cool looking as these guys:

P.S If you need any help with here


  1. hehe.. shame man.
    I'm sure they have those pocket warmers.. they like little bags of sand, u just need 2 rub n shake da packet n it heats up for as long as 2-3hrs. which is very nice 2 travel with.


    u can try this if u got a microwave.. try get dried red beans.. pour it into a sock, n sew it up.
    This bag of beans can stay warm @ least 3-4hrs. just need to pop it into da microwave for a few mins!
    It'll keep you warn in bed.
    cool ah :P

    Hope this helps, n take a multi-vit :)

  2. What a great idea! Thanks Avon!
    Ive seen all the little kiddies carrying around those pocket warmers, and I always wondered how to get them warm :)