Nov 4, 2010

G20 Summit: South Korea SWAT team mean Business

This article and  pictures come from the Mail Online's article about South Korea's Police force "who have revealed a special police SWAT team to protect world leaders at this month's G20 summit" in Seoul on the 11th and 12th of November.

"Around 300 officers staged a martial arts demonstration at a training base in southern Seoul today (5th October 2010 )and one officer demonstrated his incredible resilience by smashing 20 stone slabs with his head. Police used armoured vehicles, robots, road blocks and helicopters while demonstrating drills to handle violent demonstrations or guard the venue against terror attacks"

High-kicking: A SWAT team member displays his martial arts skills

That's using your head: One of the officers smashes 19 boards with his forehead with just a folded cloth for protection

South Korean police officers participate in a Field Training Exercise (FTX) during the official launch ceremony of the G20 Summit South Korean security unit at their training grounds

You almost hope that there will be some disturbances so that we get to see these men in real action :)

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