Nov 15, 2010

Indoor Climbing Gym ~ Daejeon

Now that its goetting really REALLY chilly here, it has become too cold to climb at the big outdoor climbing wall at The World Cup Stadium here in Daejeon. But never fear fellow rock climbers (*I feel so cool saying that, now that ive officially joined the club!) there is a great Indoor climbing gym here in Dajeon.
Membership is W60 000 a month, or W10 000 per entry if you want by day.
Directions: The following buses go to the gym, No# 103, 113, 602. The bus stop is called 헌국통신연수원 (Hanguk dongshin yeonsuwueon). Its located very near to Tanbang Station click here for a map. Once you get off at that stop, if you are facing the big green bridge, the gym will be on ur right hand side and there is a sign with a man climbing. The name of the gym is Konglish (kaliming gim but in Korean) :)
Its just a bouldering gym, so a good place to get  a good work out, & get strong for the climbing season (or so I am told hehe)

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