Oct 18, 2010

Magik Aroma *marvelous soaps & heavenly crunchies*

So...a few days ago I placed an order with Mila from Magik Aroma for some soap and crunchies...did the transfer...and the completely forgot about it...That is, until my package arrived.

And what a package it was! Full of tempting smells, I ripped though the tape and newspaper, and could not contain my excitement at the very FULL packet of crunchies that lay within my reach :)

You see, here in South Korea, it's quiet hard to get hold of some of the finer things from back home (South Africa), and this is where Mila comes in...

Her crunchies (hard cookie/biscuit thingy's for those who have no idea what I'm talking about) are amazing *to say the least* and she makes her own scented soaps and candles too! All delivered safe and sound to your doorstep. Just drop Mila a message through facebook :)

Facebook group:
Magik Aroma

What are you waiting for! Order yours now!

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