Oct 2, 2010

Friday afternoon *treat*

Last week was a long one. Mainly because it was our first week back after our wonderful holiday in Cambodia, and that meant back to business. Back to screaming kids, back to kids who couldn't care less about English, and back to kids who refuse to answer ANYTHING in class. But that's ok, that's what were here for right? Feeling very tired, stressed, and just plain pooped, i decided to head to the Leechard Pro Hair Salon for a bit of TLC...and they never disappoint. I was given a complimentary manicure (well they always come around to do your nails there... must be a special treat for foreigners...see images below), a complimentary hair treatment, cut,  style, hot chocolate and piece of yummy cake all for W12 000 (that's about $12/R60)....YAY!

So I can say that I am totally prepared to kick some butt today at school (yes, it's a Saturday, and I never work on Saturdays as all the other Korean teachers do, but I took last Monday off for Chuseok (and Cambodia!!!) and am now making up for it this morning). At least I get to go home at 10:30, after my 2 lessons.

 *The first pic is of my long nails~oh how I miss them! and the second one (the black polish) is how they were done yesterday at Leechard Pro...I had a little ceremony to honour my long nails, before i had to chop them all off as I have started climbing with Farmboy...but, it's definitely worth it!*

Off to school now, then to the Soccer at the World Cup Stadium here in Daejeon!

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