Oct 27, 2010

24 Hours in Seoul!

The 9th of October marked one of the biggest events of the year for South Korea, Global Gathering 2010. (Well not quiet as big as the Grand Prix!!! But still pretty big)

We spent the day exploring the throbbing streets of Hongdae (Hongik University) before making our way to the DJ festival.
As usual, we stayed at the great backpackers, Blu GuestHouse, where a room for 8 people cost us each W17 000 (about $17) for a comfortable bed and a nice hot shower.

The free market, which is right by the Universities campus is a great place to find good bargains, and great bits and bobs!

Here is a short clip of a very interesting street procession:

And of course the most AWESOME Lomography shop in Seoul! (remember Farmboy's Fisheye camera...they have loads of them for sale and of course the film and every other kind of accessory!)

As day turned into night, we made our way to the concert;

The high-lite of the evening was Justice & Fatboy Slim, with a great line up of other great DJ's in between.
For info on other events happening in and around Korea, check out InterPark (where you can also buy tickets!)

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