Oct 26, 2010

Going to the Dentist in South Korea

"Hmmm...we've been here for 8 months now and I vaguely recall my Dentist saying something about getting a check up at least every 6 months...He was probably trying to scam my parents out of more money. But then again, I've got a really sore tooth and its not going away"...he sighs looking up at me with puppy-dog eyes.
"Doesn't your co-teacher know an English speaking dentist???"
"Ok, ok...I'll phone her and see what I can do".

That evening we were off for our first experience with a dentist here in South Korea.

It wasn't so bad. Well, for me at least. I was led into an open dentist room with a long row of semi-private dentist chairs, where the receptionist (?!) then proceeded to have a look at my teeth, while scribbling some notes down. Then the TV was put on in front of me, I was told to "linse" my mouth with he freezing cold water next to me, and wait.

The Dentist arrived, poked around for a few seconds, while mumbling something that didn't sound like English or Korean, and then finally said "Guuud".
That was me done...poor Farmboy wasn't so lucky.

He had quick session of poking and scribbling too (after trying to explain in every way possible that he had toothache when he anything hot OR cold things), was then hauled off to have some x-rays done, then back into the dentist chair, just int time for some scraping, cutting, fixing and...voila!...a new filling. All done in about 10 minutes, oh, and with no anesthetic :)

So that was that...W3 300 bill for me (that about $3) and W9 000 for Farmboy (about $9). Not bad hey.

Farmboy has to go back in 2 weeks time for them to take out the temporary filling and put in something a bit more permanent, but all in all...not too bad of an experience.