Aug 16, 2010

School games at Hakha Elementary

Today marked the start of my Summer *Vacation* Lessons at my country school, Hakha Elementary.

The Summer Lessons are a scheme I have devised that benefits both myself, and of course, my school. I teach the kids from 9 until 12 o'clock, and then I get to go home. YIPPEE!! I had prepared myself for 12 of my 5th & 6th Grade lower level English students.

Who turned up instead?! The sons and daughters of the remaining staff members as well as 1 x quiet *I dont want to play any games* 3rd grader, 1 x *I'm simply too old for this kind of nonsense* 6th grader, 3 x *pick me, pick me, I know ALL the answers* 4th graders and 1 x *I'm too old for this, but what the heck, games are FUN* 5 grader (not to mention the 4 kindergarten students* who had obviously been bombarded with sugar before entering my class* that I had until they were taken for nap time).


This is a quick video of the us playing a version of pick up sticks with skittles and chopsticks :)

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