Aug 16, 2010

My cozy little apartment

The title says it all...and the video does the rest!

I stay in an area called Wonnaedong, which is the west most part of Daejeon, and is slowly on the up, which means apartments and other construction going up every where i look! So the noise is awful, but one gets used to it amoungst the other things (like my neighbour down the passage with his HUGE bulldog~which he keeps in his apartment!)...but life goes on :)

I have what is called a "studio" apartment, which means that I have essentially 2 rooms, one 'living room' and then another 'room' which houses my kitchen...and of course my bathroom, or 'washroom' as they call it here. All very compact, but very comfy!

(the pink colour co-ordination was entirely accidental :) )

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