Jul 16, 2010

Shuttle from Daejeon to Incheon Airport

So seeing as a few of my friends have asked me this qestion, I thought i would do a post about How to get from Daejeon to Incheon Airport.

Its really easy and the bus is called an *airport limousine*

The tickets are W23,1000 ~ really awesome comfy seats~ (or W9 800 for the cheaper bus BUT this bus only takes you to INCHEON not to the Airport so you would have to catch a taxi to the airport which comes to around W50 000). The tickets can be bought either at the bus stop or online~but the online site is in Korean and so you need to get someone who speaks Korean to help you).

*here is the bus times for the airport shuttle*

The buses come every half hour, be sure to only get on the bus that says Incheon Airport Limousine (there are a few other buses and it can get a little confusing~but there is usually a little man waiting there to direct the flow of ppl and if you show him your ticket he will make sure u get on the right bus) and be sure to check that the bus is the correct time. You are assigned a seat, so be sure to check your ticket for your seat. You can put your luggage in the cargo space in the bottom.

The trip takes about 3 hours, but they usually stop at a rest stop about half-way through. They usually give you about 15 minutes to nip to the loo or get something to eat.

There are 2 stops in Daejeon to get the bus. One is Governement Complex Bus station *just show this to a taxi driver/bus driver* (대전청사 간이 정류장)

and the other is the Lotte Hotel in Yuseoung (대덕롯데호텔-도룡동-). You can get on at either stop (it doesnt matter which stop you booked your ticket for).

The following buses take you to the Government Complex Bus Stop: 301, 318, 604, 705, 918, 618.

The airport limousine (sounds so fancy) drops you off right outside the door for departures and is the most convenient way to get to the airport. To book your return ticket, there is no need to pre-book, you can purchase a ticket at the front desk when you land back in Incheon (they are never full when returning to Daejeon). You can either book tickets at the ticket box outside (exit 9) right at the bus stop *see image below* or from The ticket desk at gate E/F, otherwise just look for Informations and an English speaking person will point you in the right direction) and there you go!
You can say "Taechon ka juseyo" which means "I want to go to Daejeon please" if they person is unable to understand you :)

Happy Travelling!

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