Jul 14, 2010

Movies Houses/Cinemas in Daejeon...

Going to the movies has become a great past time of FarmBoy and myself, because it still reminds us of home :)

The movies are all in English, (but with Korean subtitles) and so if ur feeling a little overwhelmed by hearing Korean all day everyday then head to the movies to feel back at home!
The only thing you have to negotiate is booking your tickets (as the movie titles are in Korean~but most of the time its English translated into Korean *"night and day" becomes *"niytte n dayye"*) your popcorn and drinks. It is possible to book ahead of time and reserve your tickets, but the site are in Korean~bit of a problem if you cant read Hangul :)

There are 4 movie houses in Daejeon (so far that we have found):

  1. Lotte Department Store ~ 10th floor

Either take the subway to Yongmun and then walk about 5 mins, or catch bus #101, 602, 604, 703, 107, 211, 618, 316, 318, 315

2.  Time World ~ 7/8th floor

Either take the Subway to Governemtn Complex and then walk straight past  E-MART  for about 5-10 minutes until you see Galleria-Time World. Or take bus #104, 106,116, 211, 216, 301, 315, 318, 604, 605, 706, 911.

3.  Rodeo Town ~ Top floor

By subway, get off at Tanbang Station (exit 4) and then turn left after about 200 metres. Its the big guilding opposite the HomPlus. By bus, take the 706, 105, 113, 190, and 704.

4. Say Department Store ~ 6/7th floor

By Subway, get off at Seodaejeon Naegeori or take bus # 1, 33, 119, 201, 202, 311, 314, 513, 612, 613, 618, 701


  1. John from DaejeonJuly 14, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    Now that you have some bicycles, you might want to pedal over to Daejeon Train Station and go across the street to the MCV Daejeon Academy Theater. The first show of each day is 4,000 won and are usually pretty empty. Also, a little farther down the street is the Daejeon Art Cinema.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks John...unfortunately my bike was stolen yesterday :( very sad about that. But as soon as I find myself a new one, we will definately go and check out these awesome places! Thanks again :)

  3. John from DaejeonJuly 15, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    I'm surprised by just how much bicycle theft there is here in South Korea (especially here in Daejeon). One of my friends had three stolen in one year, but he was lazy and only used one small lock. I use four locks/chains (I paid 560,000 won for my latest bike last year) and always carry it up to my apartment.