Jul 23, 2010

Night time adventures

Cycling round Daejeon has been fun, hot..but fun.

But nothing compares to our cycle from FarmBoy's house all the way to Yuseoung (a 1 and a half hour trek) through fields, rough terrain, and of course blistering heat. The wonderful idea occured to Farmboy while sitting is his gloriously cool apartment, aircon on full blast and a cup of ice water to his lips...little thought did he give to the humidity and UV rays being pumped out by the sun that day. But the idea had taken seed, and soon he had his accomplice and tour guide and off we headed to Yuseoung.

The ride actually wasn't so bad, we arrived in Yuseoung, drenched but exilarated, and headed straight for the Jimjillbang (the public bath houses where one pays a very small fee of about R40 and then gets to shower/sauna/swim/relax/get a massage all in privacy of a segregated building). We left feeling refreshed and energised and ready to eat a small horse with our friends Claire and Jono at a fabulous Morrocan Restaurant we had heard so much about.

Half way through the meal, needless to say, it began to pour with rain. Now we had left our bikes (locked up after my last bike was stolen last week~ sniff sniff) at the Jimjilllbang and had planned to come back to Yuseoung the next day by bus and cycle back home, as Claire had brough a rather large parcel of bedding for my mom to use when she comes to stay next week...so a nice comfortable Taxi ride I was thinking it would be.

But no, Farmboy wanted to cycle in the rain, and of course, me not wanting to miss out on any slight chance of adventure, hopped aboard the looney train and back we cycled...at 11 o'clock at night, through the rain and the mud, Farmboy carrying the linnen sack on his back...and me carrying...well the little empty rucksack of course...to arrive home exhausted but happy :)

Heres to many more night time adventures in Daejeon!

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