Jul 22, 2010

Korean BBQ!

So us South Africans get quiet upset at the mention of a BBQ, as we despise the word...it is not a BBQ but a BRAAI! But here in Korea, I think all of us Saffa's can agree that what you eat in the restaurants here falls far short of a braaai, and so the word BBQ is sufficient.

As soon as you walk in the door of a BBQ restaurant (these can be told  apart from other meat restaurants in that they have giant silver air extractors over each table) its the delicious smell that takes over first...yummy (well not so much for vegetarians~whom I would recomend steer clear of these places). A waiter very quickly brings over a handful of side dishes, water and the complaimentary hand towles with which to 'freshen up' :).

Then its full steam ahead as someone brings the meat over and then poroceeds to cook it for you. Everytime we have gone for BBQ, a waiter has come over and cooked the food for us..which is nice but it can get a bit much...as soon as you pick up the tongs a waiter rushes over and takes over, but it makes for a vert relaxing meal!

Anyways, then you take the meat and wrap it up in lettuce/dip it in sauces/spices etc however you feel...and then ENJOY!

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