Jul 20, 2010

G~MARKET...ordering things online

G-Market is a Korean online auction and shopping mall website, where people from all around the world buy and sell goods and services. The best thing about the website is that you can view it in English, and of course the costs to deliver here in South Korea are very low!
I have had a few friends ask me how to go about ordering stuff off it so I thought I would post some step by step instructions.

1. Got to www.gmarket.com and in the top right hand corner select "English" and set up an account with a username and password.

2. Browse through the categories to find what your looking for. Click on the image that tickles your fancy and then scroll down to view all the products in that range
(For example I have picked 'womens apparal ~ dresses & suits ~ chosen the first option)

3. Once you have chosen which item you want, 'click on it; and the following screen will pop up:

4. As there are so many options of style within one choice of item (hence the rapid flashing pictures) you need to choose the exact one that you want. *pink rectangle*. The numbers in brackets are the price for delivery. As the choices are in Korean, either write down the exact one you want and then scroll through the pink box, or ask someone to help you. Thee are often quiet a few of these "please select" options, and you just input "none" into the fields that do not apply.

5. Now click on 'Buy Now' *blue circle*.

6. The next screen will have the total amount *dark blue square*

and the address *purple square* where you want the item to be sent:, as well as the payment details *red square*:

7. After putting the address for delivery in, you need to select the way you want to pay (above~ red square).
There are a few options:

  • You can  do an online trasfer to Gmarket where they issue you with an account number to transfer the money *Sending money (Private Account) option* With this option you choose which bank you are with and then they issue you the account number with which to transfer the money. You get between 5-8 days to pay

  • You can do an instant cash tansfer *Real Time Account Transfer option* where a window will pop up asking you for your Alien Registration Number. Once you have input your Alien number a screen pops up asking you for your bank name *green square*, your email address *purple square* and your cell phone number *pink square*. Then confirm *blue square*

  • After entering that information it connects you to your internet banking screen where you follow the instructions to have the money deducted from your account: This an example of what the pop up looks like for KB bank

8. After that you will recieve a confirmation email, and your item will be delivered in 1-3 days! Super easy and super fast!

I always get things delivered to my school as I am not around during the day to sign for packages, but do whatever is easiest for you.

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