Jul 19, 2010

Buying *English* books

As we all know, living in a foreign country comes with its own sets of problems, the least of which (or the biggest one depending on your personal oppinion) is the language barrier. For those of us with boyfriends/friends here it is easier as we are constantly able to surround ourselves with other English speakers. But for those who decided to brave the land of morning calm alone, it can get a little bit lonely, not to mention you might find your own level of English begin  to slacken...saying things like "But I will like to show you this" and "I am not understand clearly"..these things happen when surrounded by people with very little, or a very broken ability to use English.

So I thought I would post some info on getting English books, here in South Korea...

Book Shops:


Korea's largest chain of bookstores.  Kyobo also hosts a series of events, including a book of the month event where authors come and meet with readers to discuss their work. There's also a character shop, a stationary store and a music store where you can listen to your favorite album. The foreign book corner is popular among foreigners because there are numerous books written in various languages. Those unable to find specific titles can order them at the counter.


Jongno Branch
① At Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit #1, walk towards Gwanghwamun for about 10 minutes.
② Gwanghwamun Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit #3 is directly connected to Kyobo Bookstore.

Gangnam Branch
Take Subway Line 2 to Gangnam Station and go out of Exit #6 >> Walk about 500 m in the direction of Nonhyeon Station

Newly Renovated ~ bigger& better~ What the Book is an English book store (Itaewon) selling both new and used books, as well as travel guides and magazines. They have very friendly staff eager to help those feeling a little lost, and they have a really great on-line ordering system...and will to deliver to your door! Click on the above link to visit their website.


  • Itaewon Foreign Bookstore

An old-fashioned used bookstore. It features row upon row of books on shelves, which slide to reveal more shelves behind. Aparantly a very friendly couple own the store, and are happy to help with any queries.
Subway Line 6 NokSaPyong Station Exit 2 and across the road

Subway Line 6 iTaewon Station Exit 1 and walk straight west until the end of the iTaewon arc sign then turn right and it's on the 3rd small block .
(10 Magazine.asia)


  • English Plus

A nice looking store, but with a small selection of reading books. They mainly stock ESL/EFL work books and textbooks, as well as other English Language learning tools and accessories


Opposite the Mango Clothing Store behind TimeWorld, Galleria (Either take the Subway to Governemtn Complex and then walk straight past E-MART for about 5-10 minutes until you see Galleria-Time World. Or take bus #104, 106,116, 211, 216, 301, 315, 318, 604, 605, 706, 911)
Opposite the Mango Store & Starbucks there is a buiding advertising a cosmetic enhancement salon (there is tiny clothing alterations shop at the door to the building), The sign for English Plus is on the side of the builing but can be quiet hard to see. Go up to the 3/4th floor) and its just on the left!

  • Yeongchang Bookstore

This bookstore is a bit tricky to find, it's at the east side of Jungang Market (The largest and most popular market in Daejeon,across from Daejeon Station~ (click here for google map). The following buses go to the station: # 1, 30, 31, 52, 60, 62, 63, 102, 311, 501, 511, 512, 603, 605, 606, 607, 612, 616. And from there is a 5 minute walk to the market. You Might have to explore a little to find the bookshop~but thats half the fun :)


Facebook page: (click here)

In Busan there are 2 major bookstores with much, much less English selections than Seoul. They are located in the same bustling shopping street in SeoMyon .

  • DongBo BookStore


Busan Subway Line 1 SeoMyon Station Exit 2 walk straight South, on the next block to your left.

  • Kyobo BookStore.


Keep walking South (from DongBo Bookstore) and on the 4th block on the left is Kyobo Building, whose underground level is Kyobo Book store.

Kyobo has opened another branch in Centum City shopping complex at the entrance to HaeUnDae Beach, East of downtown Busan : Shinsegae Department Store Centum City Branch 5th floor:

Busan Subway Line 2 Centum City Station Exit 12 look right and you are there.
(Itaewon Blog- BookStores in Korea)


  • 'Naked Without Books'

Click here to check out a very imformative blog about books, reviews, libraries etc. The Author is also living here and teaching English in South Korea.


  • Gmarket (click here) very low delivery costs but small selections

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