May 27, 2010


So the inevitable has finally occurred and the inner South African can no longer be suppressed by Kimchi and lesson planning. And there has been a mass manifestation of ZA's in the shape of crazy braai's and awkwardly sweet and inappropriately placed dance moves all over the city of Daejeon. I have heard rumors of braais happening on rooftops all over the place and I predict that this is only the beginning. As can be expected due to there potent awesomeness these events have drawn the interest of various other people from outside South Africa and it will lead to this ceremonial style of meat cooking spreading further afield to other nations. If one was to be highly optimistic at this point then we could possibly hypothesize that in the not to distant future we could see the traditional braai displacing its ugly cousin, BBQ, from its adorned pedestal in other nations and we will be one step closer to world peace and a wholesale racial reconciliation.

I consider myself a scientist, not the greatest but still notable, and with this reputation comes my duty to provide clear empirical evidence on which to base my above pontifications. Ladies and gentlemen I give you case 1: Gummi Bear.

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