May 7, 2010

Food Festivals & Wonderful Weekends!

So the other day was a public holiday for all of us here in SK (South Korea for those not in the know), it was Children's Day! And as well as being a nice break from teaching, it allowed us 'Foreigners' to tatse some of the deliocous meals on offer at the World Food Festival held here in Daejeon:

So we got to try some 'Russian' applepie (my favourite!)

Some 'African' chicken on a stick, yum yum yum!

Some 'Italian' carbanara pasta

Some 'Indian' curry and sambals (oh how u were missed!)

and some yummy 'Yugoslavian' pancakes!
There were many moe dishes, but alas, im not that adventurous with my food :)
All in all it was a good excuse for all of us to stuff our faces with delicious NON-Korean food :) and the relax in the Park, under the shade of trees as it got very hot, and very, very humid! After such a cold winter, its quiet hard to get used to the heat...but Im not complaining.

Last weekend saw us SAFFA's heading on a little cultrual excursion to Gong-Gwang (i think thats the name of it) for a stroll around the walled Castle/fort thingy. Was pretty cool, and very impressive, the only problem was that after taking in all these ancient sighting, a brief look accross the river and you are bombarded with construction workers and machineary, we were not impressed. But it was a fn trip none the less, even if we had to walk a mile to find the bus stop!

It was a great weekend, and now looking forward to the upcoming events of this weekend!

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